Best transportation services

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We also offers VIP solutions, using top luxury custom fitted Mercedes S or Royal Specs Mercedes Sprinter. We've significant resources for both corporate and personal travel to provide you with all sorts of arrangements.

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Top Of The Line

Ziyarh transportation fleet represents its values of Quality, Diversity and Highest Standards. With more than 80 different vehicles, Ziyarah fleet can transfer any number of guests in utmost comfort to all destinations both national and International.

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Unique Modern Fleet

We fleet has a unique mixture of vehicles that aren't available elsewhere in Saudi. from 5 seater Honda Odyssey Minivan, 6 seater GMC with long chassis, 10 seater Mercedes Sprinter to 49 seater custom built and furnished tourism coach specially for Our needs.

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Regular Buses

The absolute best option for all international, intercity and local transfers in Saudi Arabia. Booking a ride is easier than lifting your arm to hail a cab. Ziyarh transportation services is considered the prime service for the following reasons.

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Time Is Money

With a 24/07 operations control centre, real time tracking and monitoring, day long field agents and highly available backup vehicles, Ziyarh insures smoothest, most punctual and safest transfers you can find.

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All Ziyarh vehicles are fully insured for any risks may happen, as well as undergoing strict maintenance and safety checks to insure maximum safety for guests, captains and other road users.


We are proud of our achievements and value the acknowledgement we have received through rankings.